We Think for Ourselves

Posted by Scott Larkin on 1/6/2020 3:00:00 PM

Long have I been a fan of bad quotations, Whether they be on posters, tee shirts, mugs, or postings, bad quotations are typically meant to inspire, but usually just confuse the reader. I am especially fond of the sport of competitive quoting: the more obscure the author, the better! Who needs Benjamin Franklin when there’s Walter Benjamin?


As thinkers, we should know better. We push our students to develop higher order thinking skills by leading them through a hierarchical journey from rote learning to abstract evaluation. Yet, too many of us fail to seek this path ourselves, instead deciding to regurgitate the ideas of others. For shame the hypocrisy. At NHTS, we think for ourselves. We develop our own ideas and express them in ways that reflect our schooling.


"We might not be unknown 20th century philosophers and our words might not always be fancy, but they come from our own hearts and minds. Those words have true meaning."

Scott Larkin