Stay Off My Lawn Guy

Posted by Scott Larkin on 11/19/2019 5:00:00 PM

In 2013, Steven Lonegan said of Cory Booker, "we need a leader, not a tweeter." The phrase was revived recently on the national stage and is a favorite of mine. I'm left shaking my head (notice the full spelling) at the rash of educators taking to Twitter to espouse anything from gratitude to armchair philosophy. Many of these posts are made by utter charlatans and complete frauds to propagate the "Emperor's New Clothes" phenomena in education where school officials heap countless acronym programs on top of ineptitude in hopes no one will see. 

On October 17th, Mr. Bramley presented our most recent state assessment results to the Board of Education and public. In the presentation, he discussed our continued, steady academic growth. I am proud to write about the students and staff who work tirelessly, year after year, to achieve this type of actual progress. In describing our achievement, I choose to use full words, spelled correctly, and not depicted as an emoji.  

This post officially makes me a "stay off my lawn guy." As the educational leader of the New Hanover Township School community, I gladly accept the designation. You won't find me tweeting about our school's accomplishments. They are far too significant and worthy of more thought than that needed to post a hashtag.