Posted by Scott Larkin on 9/7/2018 11:00:00 AM

On behalf of the New Hanover Township School community, I wish to welcome back the smiling faces of our student population. Since opening 1938, the New Hanover Township School has been place of learning, leading, and caring. Today, we remain proud of our history and reliant on a school culture that promotes the sanctity of individual. We are a small school; this we cannot deny. But why would we want to? Our school size allows us to understand who are students are as people rather than that what they are as a number. While this may sound simply quaint and humanistic, there is a practical side as well. Our teachers use this personal knowledge to differentiate instruction for all of our students, leading to on-going academic growth. I want to thank everyone for making yesterday's opening a success and wish all good luck in the upcoming year.