Meeting the Needs of All Students

Posted by Scott Larkin on 10/17/2016

Over the past several years, New Hanover Township School has been integrating an inclusion model of grouping and instruction. In this model, students with disabilities are included in general education classrooms and provided the supports they need to have access to, and make progress towards, meeting grade level curriculum. From an external view, the most easily identifiable change is placement of two certified teachers in each classroom. One teacher holds certification in general education and one in special education.  While teachers may hold different certifications, they are responsible for the success of all students. We are constantly evaluating student progress by reviewing achievement data and making appropriate program decisions. I can tell you that all our measureable indicators point to success, by all students.

Sometimes, the best way to make improvements is to find out what is going well and build on that aspect. Inclusive teaching has been successful at New Hanover Township School because of the skill and dedication of our staff, and the determination of our students. NHTS’ professional staff members maintain high expectations for all students. To help our students meet these expectations, our teachers create welcoming classroom environments, provide students with world-class, standards-based instruction, review student data, and collaborate to share current best practices.

I am incredibly proud of the progress we are making at NHTS. We firmly believe that all of our students deserve the opportunity to share in that success. Thank you for being our partner.