Posted by Scott Larkin on 6/1/2016

Earlier this month, NHTS completed our 2016 administration of the PARCC assessments with 100% participation. Throughout New Jersey, PARCC participation is very hot issue. In some districts, participation is as low 25%. I want to thank our community for opting in. By doing so, you are not supporting the test, you are supporting our students. NHTS has experienced unprecedented academic growth over the last four years coming from multiple drivers. For us, assessment is the life blood of improvement. Tests, like the PARCC exams, are diagnostic. They are our academic cat scans. The staff at NHTS review the results of these tests and make school wide, programming decisions based upon our findings. Because all of our eligible students took this year's test, the resulting data will paint a detailed picture of our strengths and weaknesses. 

I have heard and read the arguments against high stakes testing. I understand, believe me I do. But, assessments allow our teachers to focus on the specific needs of our individual students. They allow our administration to evaluate our programs and make improvements. The results are there and they are spectacular. So, thank you again for a being a true partner in making NHTS a remarkable school. I feel strong about what we have accomplished and the way we have done it. If you would like more information about any of the above topics, feel free to stop by my office, share a cup of coffee, and have a conversation. I think you will be proud as well.