Read Across America

Posted by Scott Larkin on 3/1/2016

In 1997, a task force of the NEA met to discuss ways of spreading the importance of reading. The resulting big idea was Read Across America Day, which the group decided to celebrate on February 2nd to coincide with Dr. Suess' birthday. Today, schools across America create activities to motivate students to read. Now, more than ever, literacy is an essential key to success beyond the schoolhouse doors. In a 2009 article, Bob Wise note the following:

  • Over a lifetime, a high school drop out will lose over $260,000 in income
  • High school drop outs are far more likely to be incarcerated
  • High school drops outs will spend $13,000 more annually in Medicare costs than their graduating counterparts


At New Hanover Township School, we are dedicated to teaching literacy and preparing our students for successful. I want to thank our staff, led by Ms. Levan and Ms. Thomas for planning this week's activities including, the book fair preview, literature trivia, school-wide read in, and "Bookstock." 

To assist students at home, families can utilize the following strategies:

  • Point to words as you read
  • Read the title and ask your child to make predictions
  • Use to pictures as clues
  • Model fluency and enthusiasm while reading
  • Ask your child questions after reading
  • Encourage students to read what they are interested in such as graphic novels or news articles
  • Share reading with your child in any language
  • Encourage children to write
  • Communicate with your child's teacher regarding student progress and tips for advancing literacy



 So have a great Read Across America Day. With your assistance ans support, we will continue to inspire hardwork and celebrate success.