Thanks to All

Posted by Scott Larkin on 2/2/2016

I want to thank everyone in the New Hanover Township School Community for their efforts in keeping our children safe today. This afternoon, at 3:00, a member of the staff told me that he smelled gas in the rear of the building. Mr. Bramley and I confirmed the odor and contacted local authorities. At this time, we evacuated students to the front of the building with their belongings. I am so proud of our students and staff for remaining calm and orderly during this potentially hectic period. As per their training, teachers ensured that all students were present. At 3:20, Sgt. Tuliano from the New Hanover Township Police Department stopped traffic so that students could board their busses on Fort Dix Street. Students who walk home were permitted to leave at this time as well. During this period, the Wrightstown and Cookstown Fire Departments secured the parking lot and examined the area along with PSE&G. I am truly fortunate to be part of such a special community. We drill various evacuation scenarios throughout the year. Each event, however, is unique and requires decision-making. I am thankful that those decisions are executed by a highly trained, professional, and caring staff. Today, I will tell you, without reservation, everyone joined together to ensure the safety of our children. PSE&G cleared the area at 4:25 and school will open tomorrow at regular time.  As I reflect on the day, I'm reminded again why we are the best school in Burlington County. If you have any questions regarding today, please feel free to call me at (609) 723-2139.