• Announcing the
    NHTS 2021 Virtual Spring Musical
    Schoolhouse Rock LIve

    Rehearsal Schedule week of February 22

    Monday, February 22
    8th Grade

    Tuesday, February 23
    4th Grade

    Wednesday, February 24
    7th Grade

    Thursday, February 25
    6th Grade


    8th Grade
    Tom: Jacob
    Ensemble: Abigail, Sarah, Julie
    A Noun is a Person, Place or Thing;
    Three is a Magic Number (Jacob solo);

    7th Grade
    Toby, Sebastian, Emma, Audrey, Landon
    Just a Bill (Audrey solo);
    The Preamble (Toby solo);
    Interplanet Janet (Emma solo)

    6th Grade
    Emily, Jonah, Denise, Anita, Karolyn, Suleima, Yoltzin
    The Great American Melting Pot (Emily & Suleima solo);
    Elbow Room (Karolyn solo);
    Conjunction Junction (Anita solo)

    5th Grade
    Elvis: Gunnar
    Backup dancer: Nevaeh
    Song: Do The Circulation

    4th Grade
    David, Levi, Abby, Corinne, Tyler, Axel,
    Lillian R1, Emely, Lillian R2
    Unpack Your Adjectives

    Did you guess the show by these clues?

    nhts bldg


    plymouth rock

    live bait sign

    School + House + Rock + Live = Schoolhouse Rock Live!