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    New Hanover Township School District
    Richard Wiener
    Dr. Richard Wiener
  • September 2017- Superintendent Update

    The administration and faculty continue to work together to provide the most current academic programs to meet the diverse needs of our NHTS students. As our Principal, Mr. Larkin continues to analyze available student data to recommend a data driven educational vision that continues to successfully improve our programs and student achievement. As Curriculum Director, Mr. Bramely has researched and delivered ongoing professional development opportunities and classroom instructional programs for our faculty to embrace 21st century learning techniques and instruction for successful student growth for all students. 

    The Board of Education is committed to providing the tools and resources necessary to continue to support our student growth successes. As Superintendent, I will continue to recommend and support these academic initiatives to the Board that provide our students with the necessary skills and knowledge that they will need to succeed in high school and beyond.

    NHTS continues to be a unique caring school district where all of our students are nurtured and encouraged to reach their potential because of the collaborative work of our committed and experienced faculty, administration and supportive Board of Education.