• June 2018


    Welcome to 5th Grade!

    Congratulations! You have successfully made it through 4th grade and are on your way to becoming a fantastic 5th grader. We are so excited to begin our journey together in September. Until then, it is up to you to keep your skills up. Here is some practice in reading and math!


    It was awesome to officially meet all of you on the last day of the 2017 school year. Remember to read what interests you and record chucks of twenty minutes of reading by coloring in a section on the reading log. See how far you can go!


    In math, do your best on the 4th grade review questions. If you have a question, don’t leave it blank. You may write us a note or ask for help. If you have a computer, try playing games on www.mathplayground.com or www.prodigygame.com.


    We look forward to hearing about what you chose to read and about your adventures over the summer. Have a wonderful summer!


    Ms. Benton and Ms. Johnston


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