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    Well, Spring has finally sprung and we are almost at the end of our journey through Kindergarten!

    With the end of the year quickly approaching, we are getting ourselves ready to "spring" into First Grade!
    In Reading and Language Arts, we continue to work on mastering consonant and vowels sounds, as well as "Word Wall Words".  Since we have reached /Zz/ in our "letter of the week" routine, we will now start focusing on consonant blends and digraphs.  In order to be ready for First Grade, we will be reading and writing everyday!  Using our "Word Wall", "words around the room", and our dictionary, we will be working on spelling words on our own to use when we write in our journals. 
    In Math we are working on addition and subtraction.  Following this we will move onto measuring length, height, weight and area.  Later in the Spring,  we will be working on flat and solid shapes, as well as sorting by attribute.    In Circle Time, we have been working on telling time and counting money, and we will continue to sharpen these skills as we close out our wonderful year in Kindergarten.  We have been using both analog and digital clocks.   We have been identifying coins, recognizing their values, and counting them.   We have been looking at pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.  Both of these concepts tend to be difficult for many children, so any extra help at home is really beneficial!   
    It is hard to believe that Graduation is just around the corner! 
    We will be getting ourselves --especially our voices--ready for the big day! 
    Each day we will continue to focus on ways to be
    respectful, responsible and kind so we
    can be the best friend that we can be
    and we can continue to be
    brilliant bucketfillers!