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    s  Winter Class News s  
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    During the next few months, we are going to be very busy learning lots of new things! 

    In Math, we will continue working on numbers and make our way up to 100!  We will be working on "odd" and "even" numbers and skip counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's.  We will learn about adding and subtracting so that we will be better ready for First Grade!  With the 100th Day of School  fast approaching, we will be getting ready for a big celebration!  During Circle Time each day, we will continue to tally and count up to that very special day!

    In Reading and Language Arts, we will continue to practice reading and writing simple sentences.  Getting ready for First Grade, we will continue to review letters and sounds.  We will work on vowels and consonant blends.   We will learn how to put words in ABC order.  We will learn how to count the syllables in words.  We will review opposites and rhyming words, as well as compound words.

    In Science, we will be learning about penguins and the North and South Poles.  We will be reading fiction and non-fiction books about penguins.  In addition to penguins, we will read and learn about all kinds of other animals.  In February we will be looking to see what that little groundhog in Pennsylvania will say!  February also brings "Dental Health Month",  so we will spend a lot of time learning about good dental hygiene.

    Martin Luther King, Jr.,  as well as other famous Black Americans will be our focus in Social Studies.  In February, we will  read and learn about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.  

    Each day we will continue to be "Bucketfillers"
    and be the best we can be!!! 
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