l l   Fall Class News l l
           Fall is such an exciting time of year!  
    There are so many exciting events taking place in our school and in our class.
        Columbus Day is October 12th.  We will be learning about Christopher Columbus and his journey.  We will learn what it means to "explore" and why we call Columbus an "explorer". We will take a look at a globe and see where Columbus was born, where he sailed from, and where he arrived.  We will talk about directions (North, South, East and West) and learn about what the different colors on the globe represent (for example: bodies of water are blue).
       In November, we will review the map skills introduced earlier when we track the journey of the Pilgrims to America.  We will learn who the Pilgrims were, why they came to the "New World" and how they worked together with the Native  Americans. We will read many non-fiction and fiction stories about the "First Thanksgiving".  
       In Science we are learning about the "nature of science" and observing things all around us.  We will be talking about our "five senses" and how we use them to help us learn all about the world around us.    
     In Math we have been learning all about numbers.  We have had lots of fun looking for numbers all around us.  We will work on counting, writing numbers and matching numbers to the correct quantity.  We work with numbers every day in our "Circle Time" when we tally the number of days in a month that we are in school (this helps us learn to count by 5's), keep track of the days that we come to school with a "10-Frame Chart" (this helps us to count by 10's), use links to count down to a special event in the month (like Halloween), and graph the weather.  We will use our SmartBoard to play games that will also help to sharpen our Math skills. 
       It is so exciting to see the children becoming readers and writers!!!!!  Our "Word Wall" is growing and we are getting very good at using it to help us read and write.  In our "Readers'/Writers' Workshop",  we have been reviewing alphabet letters and sounds.  We are learning sight words, too!  We have learned what compound words are and we are always looking for them! 
       Kindergarten is so much fun!!  Everyday we are learning new things!!  Please continue to read with your child every night, and encourage him/her to do his/her best at home and in school.  Most of all, remember to praise your child when he/she finds success and does well.  Keep in mind that a  "pat on the back" can go a long way !!!
    Please check back often for updates to this page !