New Hanover Township School

Spelling Menu

Choose one activity to complete each night on your own notebook paper. You may not complete the same activity twice in one week.

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Rainbow Write

First, write the words in pencil. Then trace over them in two different colors.

Waterfall Words

Silly Sentences

Write silly sentences using a spelling word in each sentence. Underline the spelling words and write neatly!

Hidden Words

Draw and color a picture. Hide your spelling words inside the picture. See if someone can find your hidden words!

Backwards Words

Write your spelling words forwards and then backwards! Remember to write neatly!

Fancy Words

Write your words using fancy letters 2x!

Example: catch cat ch

Rhyming Words

Write each of your

spelling words with a rhyming word next to them.
Ex: cut shut

Choo Choo Words

Write the entire list end-to-end as one long word. Write each new word in a different color. Ex. trainbackstop

Other Handed

First, write your words with the way you usually do. Then, write the list using your other hand!


ABC Order

Write your spelling words in ABC order. If words start with the same letter, look at the next letter.


Story, Story

Write a story using ALL of your spelling words. Be sure to underline your spelling words in the paragraph.


Adding My Words

Vowels are 10 and consonants are 5. Write your words and then add the value of each word. Ex. cat 5+10+5=20


Riddle Me

Write a riddle for each of your words. Don’t forget to answer them.
Ex: I am cute. I wear diapers. Answer: baby


UPPER and Lower

Write your words one time with all uppercase letters and one time with all lowercase letters.


Colorful Words

Write each of your spelling words. Write each letter using a different color.
c a t


ca cat catc catch

Three Times

First, write each word in pencil. Then, write each word in crayon. Finally, write each word in marker!

Code Words Come up with a code for each letter of the alphabet. Then write your words in code. Ex:
A =
! B =# C =Write out the word.

Magazine Words

Use an old magazine or newspaper and find your words or letters that make up words. Glue them down.

Words Within Words

Write each spelling word and then write at least two words made from that word.
Ex: catch cat hat

Words Without Vowels

Write all of your words replacing vowels with a line. Go back and see if you can fill in the vowels.