• Dr. Larkin began serving the families of the New Hanover Township School District as Principal in July of 2011. Prior to this time, he  worked for the Monmouth Regional High School District and Ocean Township School District in a variety of administrative, teaching, and extra curricular positions. He earned a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Richmond in 1996, a Master's Degree from Georgian Court University in 2003, and Ed., D. from Walden University in 2018.

  • School Safety

    Posted by Scott Larkin on 11/15/2018 11:00:00 AM

    Recently, I completed mandatory training required to serve as the District's school safety specialist. In this role, I am now responsible for overseeing all matters related to school safety and security. While this is a duanting task indeed, it is one that I embrace because it is important, very important. The New Hanover Township School community mantains secruity procedures cafefully designed to ensure a safe, secure, and peaceful enviroment. I am proud that our entire school community, students, staff, and community, do their part in making our school a safe place to learn and grow. 

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  • Splendidly Wrong

    Posted by Scott Larkin on 9/13/2018 10:10:00 AM

    In schools throughout our nation, over-achievers and perfectionists strive to earn the pinnacle of academic achievement—100%. A 100 represents that desired perfection; a completed assignment with all objectives met. While some motivators will suggest there is another dimension of achievement possible that comes from “giving 110%,” math and logic dictate that there is nothing beyond everything. As educators, we take great pride in student success and celebrate accomplishments like the 100. But, the lifeblood of improvement exists below the 100 mark, in the splendidly wrong. Former University of North Carolina professor, John B. Carroll simplified the description of learning as the process of moving from not understanding to understanding. The 100 provides us with no starting point for learning. As educators, we seek the splendidly wrong and focus our efforts teaching there. Anyone can continue to do the things they already know how to. Real growth and learning comes from the challenge of moving towards understanding. So, fret not over misspellings, the un-carried numbers, the misplayed notes, and the missed shots. These errors are not failures, but instead identifiers of where to begin moving forward.   

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  • Digital Learning Tools

    Posted by Scott Larkin on 9/12/2018 2:00:00 PM

    Over the past 5 years, the New Hanover Township School District's Board of Education has bullishly developed our school's technology infrastructure. Today, our students learn in a technology-rich environment that includes personal Chromebooks for all students in grades 3-8, over 80 laptops, a hard-wired computer lab, 75 tablets, a multitude of intellectually engaging software programs, and more than enough bandwidth to satisfy our web-based needs. While I am proud that we have acquired this hardware, I am prouder of the manner in which our staff members utilize technology. The machines listed above are learning tools, not outcomes. Just this morning, I sat in on a lesson in which third grade students used Google Classroom to complete a mathematics assignment. These, mostly 8-year-old students, signed into their personal accounts, opened a document posted by the teachers, completed the assignment, and submitted it back to the teacher through Google Classroom. This snapshot displays our commitment to the proper deployment of technology in the classroom. Students completed a lesson rooted in the New Jersey Student Learning Standards with the stated objective of learning a mathematics operation. Technology was the vehicle, not the destination. If you have any questions regarding the use of technology at New Hanover Township School, please feel free to call my office. 

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  • Morning Meeting

    Posted by Scott Larkin on 9/10/2018 4:00:00 PM

    As part of a faculty-driven initiative to infuse the lessons of Responsive Classroom into our school, NHTS classrooms will be holding Morning Meetings this year. These meetings allow students and staff to start each day in a manner that is engaging, builds a strong sense of community, and develops success socially and academically. Each morning, our students and teachers will meet for 20-30 meeting to interact during four meaningful session: greeting, sharing, group activity, and morning message. These meetings will help NHTS staff reach its goal of teaching the whole child. Additionally, morning meetings help create a strong bond classmates and adults alike. For additional information on Morning Meetings and Responsive Classroom, please consult www.responsiveclassroom.org. 

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  • Welcome

    Posted by Scott Larkin on 9/7/2018 11:00:00 AM

    On behalf of the New Hanover Township School community, I wish to welcome back the smiling faces of our student population. Since opening 1938, the New Hanover Township School has been place of learning, leading, and caring. Today, we remain proud of our history and reliant on a school culture that promotes the sanctity of individual. We are a small school; this we cannot deny. But why would we want to? Our school size allows us to understand who are students are as people rather than that what they are as a number. While this may sound simply quaint and humanistic, there is a practical side as well. Our teachers use this personal knowledge to differentiate instruction for all of our students, leading to on-going academic growth. I want to thank everyone for making yesterday's opening a success and wish all good luck in the upcoming year. 

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  • Attendance

    Posted by Scott Larkin on 5/3/2018 2:00:00 PM

    I want to thank all of our students and families for their continued support of our incredible school. Having endured a winter that produced an extended period of bad weather, we are turning the corner towards a real spring. The change of season is always a good time to reflect and think ahead. With that in mind, I ask that all families consider the importance of positive school attendance. For information and resources regarding the importance of school attendance, please view the following web site: http://www.attendanceworks.org/chronic-absence/the-problem/10-facts-about-school-attendance/.

    On our end, we will always strive to make New Hanover Township School a second home for our students. This includes providing a clean, loving, and welcoming environment. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (609) 723-2139.

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  • Opening

    Posted by Scott Larkin on 9/6/2017

    I want to the the entire New Hanover Township School community for helping to make today's opening another success. Among the many great things we do, opening the year is one of our best. This morning, our students were greeted with friendly faces and welcoming arms. I'm excited for the year to come and the opportunity to be a part of students' growth. 

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  • Welcome Letter

    Posted by Scott Larkin on 8/29/2017

    Dear New Hanover Township School Families:

    Each morning, when I walk into the main office, I see these words:

    It is our mission to recognize the uniqueness of each child. We will provide an active learning environment that fosters the development of every student’s optimal academic potential. We will revitalize and supplement the curriculum and instructional methods so they are responsive to the changing individual needs of students and the changing character of society, the working world and technology.

    Our mission statement is more than words on a wall; it is call for the staff at New Hanover Township School to provide the world class education that our students deserve. As the summer draws to close, the teachers, staff, and administration at NHTS anxiously await our new students and all the wonderful experiences that lie ahead for the upcoming academic year. Being such a part of children’s life is a responsibility that we accept and cherish.

    This year, there will be some new faces, new books, new furniture, and new ideas. But, the thread that connects this year, and all those before, is the sense of community and love that exists between the school and our families. School will begin for our students on September 6th and I cannot wait to return to the challenge demanded by that mission statement and accepted each day.

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  • Meeting the Needs of All Students

    Posted by Scott Larkin on 10/17/2016

    Over the past several years, New Hanover Township School has been integrating an inclusion model of grouping and instruction. In this model, students with disabilities are included in general education classrooms and provided the supports they need to have access to, and make progress towards, meeting grade level curriculum. From an external view, the most easily identifiable change is placement of two certified teachers in each classroom. One teacher holds certification in general education and one in special education.  While teachers may hold different certifications, they are responsible for the success of all students. We are constantly evaluating student progress by reviewing achievement data and making appropriate program decisions. I can tell you that all our measureable indicators point to success, by all students.

    Sometimes, the best way to make improvements is to find out what is going well and build on that aspect. Inclusive teaching has been successful at New Hanover Township School because of the skill and dedication of our staff, and the determination of our students. NHTS’ professional staff members maintain high expectations for all students. To help our students meet these expectations, our teachers create welcoming classroom environments, provide students with world-class, standards-based instruction, review student data, and collaborate to share current best practices.

    I am incredibly proud of the progress we are making at NHTS. We firmly believe that all of our students deserve the opportunity to share in that success. Thank you for being our partner.

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  • Assessment

    Posted by Scott Larkin on 6/1/2016

    Earlier this month, NHTS completed our 2016 administration of the PARCC assessments with 100% participation. Throughout New Jersey, PARCC participation is very hot issue. In some districts, participation is as low 25%. I want to thank our community for opting in. By doing so, you are not supporting the test, you are supporting our students. NHTS has experienced unprecedented academic growth over the last four years coming from multiple drivers. For us, assessment is the life blood of improvement. Tests, like the PARCC exams, are diagnostic. They are our academic cat scans. The staff at NHTS review the results of these tests and make school wide, programming decisions based upon our findings. Because all of our eligible students took this year's test, the resulting data will paint a detailed picture of our strengths and weaknesses. 

    I have heard and read the arguments against high stakes testing. I understand, believe me I do. But, assessments allow our teachers to focus on the specific needs of our individual students. They allow our administration to evaluate our programs and make improvements. The results are there and they are spectacular. So, thank you again for a being a true partner in making NHTS a remarkable school. I feel strong about what we have accomplished and the way we have done it. If you would like more information about any of the above topics, feel free to stop by my office, share a cup of coffee, and have a conversation. I think you will be proud as well.

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