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    Today is Tuesday, April 24, 2018
    Physical Education
  • 5-8 Grading Guidelines:
    -participation 25%
       -skill level (how well you can do the things you learn)
       -knowledge (how well you know what we have learn - rules, etc…)
       -improvement from the beginning to end of the unit
    -sportsmanship 20%
    -tests - 1 per quarter 25%
    -mile run - once per quarter 20%
    -homework 10%
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  • 1-4 Grading Guidelines:
    Physical Performance Tests - 25%
    Class Participation - 25%
    Endurance Assessment - 20%
    Sportsmanship - 20%
    Homework - 10% 
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  • K-1 Grading Guidelines:
    75% Participation
    25% Sportsmanship
    Outstanding - always participates in all activities and performs skills to age appropriate levels with a good attitude.
    Satisfactory - usually participates in all activities and performs skills to age appropriate levels.  Normally exhibits a good attitude. 
    Needs Improvment - fails to participate to ability level or shows poor attitude/inappropriate behavior.
    Unsatisfactory - frequently refuses to participate in activities or intentionally breaks rules.  Often shows inappropriate social behaviors.
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  • Participation - Graded Daily
    Students are expected to:
    1. Complete warm up running and exercises
    2. Remain on-task during instruction
    3. Give full effort during all activities - be aware of what is going on and participate to the best of their ability
    failure to follow these guidelines after one or more warnings can result in loss of participation grade for the day
    Sportsmanship - Graded Daily
    Students are expected to:
    1. Demonstrate courtesy and respect to teammates and opponents
    2. Refrain from using foul language, name calling, or making derogatory comments
    3. React appropriately to winning, losing, and disputed calls - no excessive celebrating or taunting, no tantrums or crying, and no arguing calls
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  • When entering PE class every student should have appropriate clothing - you need to be able to run and do sit ups in whatever you are wearing.
    Sneakers are required - high heels, platform shoes, sandals, flip flops, Uggs, and work boots are not appropriate.
    Large or loose hanging jewelry and watches should be removed.
    Gum is prohibited in the gym.
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