• Welcome and Supplies Welcome and Supplies
    Dear Pre-K Families,
       This will be an exciting year for both you and your child...beginning school, meeting new friends, and learning many new things.  We want it to be a happy experience for all.
        To make this year a success, we have a list of recommended school supplies that your child will need for Pre-Kindergarten:
    ~ a labeled backpack (without wheels) large enough to hold a folder
    ~ please send in a two pocket folder,  for us to send work and notices home.  You can use it for correspondence too.  The plastic ones do last much longer than the paper ones.
    ~an extra set of clothes in case of accidents or spills, in a bag marked with the child's name
    ~ A soft towel or blanket to be used during rest time.  
    ***I will be sending a letter to your child in August, including this list.
       Snack will be provided at school.
         If you ever have concerns, feel free to contact the school. We are looking forward to a great year!  Thank you for your help!
                                                                                 Jean Marie Alban