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New Hanover Township School District
Richard Wiener
Dr. Richard Wiener




Dear New Hanover Township Community, Faculty, Staff and Administration,


It is with much enthusiasm that I introduce myself as your new Superintendent of New Hanover Township School effective July 1, 2015.


The NHT Board of Education has formally approved a shared superintendent agreement during their June Board meeting. I have been scheduled to be shared with the New Hanover Township for two days per week beginning July 1, 2015. Please also be aware that I will remain available as needed to the NHT Board President and school district seven days a week. In addition, both Boards have agreed to remain flexible on the shared agreement throughout the school year to assure that I can be available to New Hanover as needed.


I believe that it is important for the school community to know that I am a veteran superintendent and PreK-8 principal who is student centered and enjoys visiting classrooms and interacting with teachers, students and parents. I am interested in gathering your perspective about what you believe is most important as a school community as well as what recommendations you believe will continue to help all of our NHT students reach their potential for success.


I have already begun my work at the school and will plan to schedule additional times to meet the faculty, administration, parents and students during the school year. I look forward to this opportunity of working collaboratively with the school community, faculty, staff, Board and administration to assist the New Hanover Township School district in continuing the successful programs for our students and enhancing their academic experiences.



Dr. Richard Wiener