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Richard Wiener
Dr. Richard Wiener

Superintendent’s Mid Year Update

December 2015

New Hanover Township continues to provide a safe vibrant leaning environment where our students enjoy learning.  The teachers and administration are dedicated to meeting the individual and varied needs of all of our students.  The school has continued to embrace and celebrate our diverse student population with many programs regarding health and character education, patriotism, peer mentoring and athletic and club participation.  The PTO has served as an outstanding support organization to enhance our school-wide programs and initiatives.  The teachers, parents and administrators are continuing to build in opportunities for greater home-school partnerships to welcome all families into our school.

The administration will continue to emphasize the four Areas of Focus as defined in the 2015-16 District and Superintendent Goals below:

1.   Improve School-wide Communication Processes
2.   Address Student Achievement Gaps as Identified
3.   Initiate Long Range Professional Development Plan
4.   Perform Analysis of District Strengths and Areas of Growth

As we enter into the new year, we will also continue to address the ongoing NJDoE initiatives for Common Core, PARCC Assessment and QSAC monitoring.

Significant District Accomplishments through December 2015:

·      Settled 3 Year Collective Bargaining Agreement through 2018
·      Facilitated the QSAC Interim Visit on October 23, 2015
·      Established a Climate/Communications Committee with the Teachers to Address Concerns
·      Secured new CST Staffing
·      Initiated new IEP Direct Program
·      Completed all Summer Projects for School Opening
·      Initiated a Long Range Professional Development Plan that will Establish a Vision for Future Needs and Use of Global Institute
·      Completed the Global Title 1 Summer Program and Initiated the After School Tutoring Program
·      Initiated the SGO and Teacher Evaluation Process through OnCourse
·      Began Formal Presentations to Address the Future Space Needs both from a Financial and Educational Perspective
·      Received official Financial Audit with no formal recommendation